Landscape Maintenance

Once your yard has been fully designed and developed, we can help you maintain its beauty with our landscape maintenance services. By keeping your property in pristine condition, you and your family can better appreciate your home and enjoy what it has to offer. To help you do this, we provide the following services:

Full Service Mowing

We understand that mowing and edging a yard is a lot of work that most homeowners just do not have time for. That’s why we offer to do it for you; we’ll keep it clean, groomed, weeded and picturesque.


In order for plants to stay healthy, grow better and maintain their aesthetic appeal, they need to  be regularly pruned. Our team can help you keep your garden or yard properly trimmed and maintained.

Spring and Fall Clean Ups

After the abuse of winter, your yard needs some TLC in the spring, and in the fall, you should protect your yard against winter’s harsh elements. Nature’s Image can help you do both of those things.

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